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is a side dish made from chicken or a whole duck containing spices, then baked in a fire of husk. Betutu has been known in all districts in Bali. One of the producers of Betutu is the village of Gilinamuk, kecamatam Melaya Jembrana regency. Betutu chicken is also a typical food of Gilimanuk. Betutu is used as a dish for religious ceremonies and traditional ceremonies as well as dishes and for sale. Its consumers are not only Balinese but also international guests who come to Bali, especially in certain places such as hotels and restaurants or restaurants. Betutu can not be stored for long. Tutu is a type of traditional Balinese food whose raw material is in the form of whole carcasses of ducks and chickens. The word betutu comes from the word tunu which means burn and is strung with the word be which means meat.

Based on the description, betutu means that meat is burned. Betutu chicken is a type of side dish made from chicken meat that has been cleaned and then distributed with Balinese spices known as genep base on the entire body surface of chicken meat and some of it is inserted into the abdominal cavity. The spiced chicken meat is then boiled or immediately burned to produce a distinctive aroma. The distinctive aroma that arises is caused by a warming that causes the water and fat of a short chain of meat to evaporate. The more steam produced, the stronger and more delicious the aroma.

According to Balinese tradition, betutu chicken is usually served during traditional ceremonies such as odalan, otonan, or marriage. However, now this food has become a typical Balinese culinary that is now a tourist attraction and has been sold in various culinary places in Bali.
The materials needed to make betutu chicken consist of one chicken that has been cleaned inside, genep spices, seasonings of wewangenan, salt, and coconut oil. genep base is a typical Balinese spice consisting of red onion, kencur, candlenut, garlic, turmeric, galangal, ginger, laos, cayenne pepper, lemongrass, brown sugar, shrimp paste, lemon leaves, bay leaves, and coconut oil.

While seasoning wewangenan consists of black pepper, white pepper, cloves, nutmeg, tabia bun, coriander, candlenut, menyan, jangu, bangle, and kaffir lime skin. The process of making a betutu chicken begins by smoothing the genep base and wewangenan then sautéing until fragrant.

Furthermore, the chicken is cleaned of feathers, viscera, beak, and hard skin peeled feet. Heat the water with a little spice, bay leaf, lime leaf, and crushed lemongrass.

The process of making a betutu chicken begins by smoothing the genep base and wewangenan then sautéing until fragrant. Furthermore, the chicken is cleaned of feathers, viscera, beak, and hard skin peeled feet. Heat the water with a little spice, bay leaf, lime leaf, and crushed lemongrass. Chicken is boiled into water until three quarters are cooked and then removed. After being removed, the genep base is inserted into the chicken stomach and a portion of the genep base mixed with the oil is distributed throughout the surface of the chicken body. The spiced chicken is then squeezed slightly so that the chicken becomes soft and wrapped in banana leaves or areca leaf petals to be added to the embers.

Fire coals should not be too large and the cooking process in the coals is approximately 1 hour. Betutu chickens are then served by splitting the stomach until the cache area, then the two chests are pulled aside.

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is located in the western part of the island of Bali precisely in the village of Nusasari district Melaya Jembrana district Bali Indonesia from the port Gilimanuk crossing can be accessed by approximately 25 minutes

Enjoy a wide selection of cuisine, ranging from contemporary western and innovative Indonesian or Balinese specialties in a fresh atmosphere within the environment of the real Bali's Village. vast expanse of rice fields, shady coconut trees and green plantations typical of western Bali villages

Share the joy and satisfaction with others, to feel a wonderful experience of having a meal at the rice field, while viewing the rice paddies and leaves of trees, as well as listening to various tiny little bird singing.

Observing from the deans of the life of farmers in the rice fields when they cultivate rice fields, matching farms, while enjoys the dishes that we serve with all hospitality

Warung Uma Catu will be opened as early as 2020 when the work process is underprogres

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