Bali is an island inhabited by a majority of the people who are Hindus where in practicing their religion, it is very rare for the values ​​of art and culture to be complementary to the ritual process.

The celebration of the new year of Hindus in Bali is called the year of Caka, Which comes once time a year as the beginning of the New Year according to Hindu religion Bali the early new year also known as the NYEPI DAY in English was called a quiet day.

Because on this day during 24 hours residents on the island of Bali are prohibited from traveling, lighting fires, consuming food excessively. today use self-reflection, no internet access, quiet roads without any activity.

In accordance with Hindu philosophy all are returned to empty points One day before entering the Nyepi holiday, a holy sacrifice day called TAWUR KASANGA will be held on that day and will be shared with large-scale activities involving villagers.

NUSASARI VILLAGE one of the villages in the western part of Bali island which routinely organizes the Ogoh Ogoh Ferstival as part of a series of TAWUR KESANGA ceremonies, this ceremony is general in nature and can be attended by various parties

Ogoh-ogoh is a sculpture in Balinese culture that portrays Bhuta Kala's personality. In the teachings of Hindu Dharma, Bhuta Kala represents the power (Bhu) of the universe and time (Kala) which are immeasurable and indisputable.

In the embodiment of the statue in question, Bhuta Kala is described as a large and frightening figure; usually in the form of Rakshasa.

In addition to the form of Rakshasa, Ogoh-ogoh is often depicted in the form of creatures that live in Mayapada, Syria and Naraka, such as: dragon, elephant, Widyadari, even in its development, some are made to resemble famous people, such as world leaders , artists or religious leaders and even criminals. Regarding this matter, there is also something that is political or SARA although it actually deviates from the basic principles of Ogoh-ogoh. For example Ogoh-ogoh depicts a terrorist.

In its main function, Ogoh-ogoh as a representation of Bhuta Kala, was made before Nyepi Day and was paraded around the village in the twilight of Pangrupukan day, the day before Nyepi Day.

According to scholars and practitioners of the Hindu Dharma, this process symbolizes human conviction of the power of the universe and the overwhelming time. These strengths include the strength of Bhuana Agung (the universe) and Bhuana Alit (human self).

In the view of Tattwa (philosophy), this power can deliver living beings, especially humans and the entire world towards happiness or destruction. All this depends on the noble intentions of mankind, as the most noble creature of God in protecting himself and the whole world.

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Bali is a leading tourist destination in Indonesia, there are many tourist attractions that are well-known overseas, such as Kuta, Ubud, Nusa Dua, Sanur, Lembongan Island, Nusa Penida island and others.
West of Bali is one of the attractive tourist destinations in the western tip of Bali. There are several interesting places that can be visited when you cross from Denpasar, Kuta ,Ubud, Sanur ,Ubud, Canggu, Nusa dua, Uluwatu , route to Gilimanuk Croos to Java Island or Gilimanuk to Lovina in Singaraja. The following places are tourist attractions that you can visit at western part of bali island