Jegog Music Art, one of the distinctive arts that belongs to Jembrana Regency whose tones come from bamboo blades, its prestige is seen to continue to increase. This was evident during the Jegog Festival which was held a series with the commemoration of the 119th Anniversary of the State City on Friday (29/8) night at the Bung Karno Arts Building (GKBK) Jembrana, which was watched by the Jembrana people who filled the GKBK Jembrana yard, starting from children even children, parents are very comfortable watching Jegog until it's finished.

The art of gambelan jegog created by Kiyang Geliduh, an artist who lived in the Sebal Banjar, Dangin Tukadaya Village, Jembrana District in 1912 ago. As a Jembrana community's original music art product, the jegog artistry of gambelan was only in the form of barung percussion which only served as entertainment for the people who were working together to make roofs made of coconut leaves which were 'chopped', in other activities beating gambelan jegog . Giving the name Jegog itself according to a number of sources said, when the creation of this art began, its players in hitting bamboo blades that created tones sitting with squatting behind gambelan in Jembrana language were called 'nyelegodog', and Jembrana people who saw musicians often said it with 'Jeg nyelegodog'. From here, the name Jegog appeared and the name has remained sustainable until now.

Jegog art has attended dozens of festivals both domestically and abroad. From various festivals attended by jegog Jembrana artists, the Mebarung Jegog Festival which was held on the 119th anniversary of the City of the City in GKBK Jembrana, reflects the excitement of the Jembrana community as an expression of the creation of a work of art especially traditional gambling which has high value and is second to none in Bali even in Indonesia and the world. The excitement was reflected in the drummed and penabunya style that showed joy even though the festival itself was competed. Not only that, the dances performed by Jegog's music also show the dancers' joy. Reflections on the joy of the musicians and dancers make the audience dissolve in joy. They give enthusiasm and applause for each song and dance that is displayed.

The Mebarung Jegog Festival which was attended by five Sekaa (Group) represented five Subdistricts in Jembrana Regency, each featuring two types of percussion and two types of dances. They are Sekaa Jegog Candra Dwipa from Melaya Subdistrict, Sekaa Jegog Danu Suara Agung from Negara District, Sekaa Jegog Purwa Gita from Jembrana Subdistrict, Sekaa Jegog Ayu Murti Suara from Mendoyo District and Sekaa Jegog Anantha Swara from Pekutatan Subdistrict. These five sekaa sequentially display Tabuh Truntungan. This percussion is an opening for every student who appears. The tone and melody of Tabuh Truntungan is very smooth and soft. The audience was aware that when this melody began to be beaten, all of them were silent to listen to the soft tones, so that they could be heard well. Listen to the beat of fortune like a rhythmic wave. On the second appearance of Gambelan Jegog, the total number of 11 men who showed him the Dance of Creation, which he worked alone by all.

But there are those who dance the dance that already exists like Makepung Dance which is processed and created more recently. After Creative Dance, every one of them displays Tabuh Kreasi. In this Tabuh Kreasi, the creation of the musicians is very thick, because the percussion shown is not only limited to the sound of percussion originating from bamboo, but there are also those who create it with the strains of the songs as well as the yells.

Interestingly again was the third appearance in the form of Jejogedan Dance. Jejogedan dance is actually a social dance for young people between men and women, who dance to the beat of the beat. In addition to this report, besides carrying male dancers, it also involves male dancers from the audience. Even during the festival in GKBK, Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha and his Deputy I Made Kembang Hartawan were appointed female dancers to dance. New creations took place in the dance studio and that night the Jejogedan dance presented by Melaya Subdistrict revealed a story about a cockfighting gambler.

The most eagerly awaited by fans of jegog is Tabuh Mebarung. This mebarung gamelan is strong because it is intended to test the level of violence of sound produced from each bamboo. So that every drummer has to hit the bamboo blades with all their might but still rhymes. The five sekaa simultaneously nibble their gambelan with all their might. Even though they fought each other with a strong demonstration, they remained in the reflection of joy.

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